The Release of SSP Tool “adfurikun”– How It All Started

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by [2013年6月03日]

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We’ve previously released 6 stories on how to monetize smartphone apps in our series “Monetizing Smartphone.” This time, we bring you the story leading up to the release of the SSP tool, “adfurikun,” used to maximize advertising revenue.

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What is adfurikun?

A tool (SSP) optimizing multiple ad networks to maximize advertising revenue while providing advertisements inside smartphone apps (android, iOS, website).

On Febuary 1, 2013, adfurikun was officially released.

Monetizing Smartphones

From December of 2012, Terajima Joho Kikaku Inc. began focusing on developing smartphone apps, and have since released multiple android and iPhone apps to the market.

Back then, being new to the smartphone market we looked at multiple monetizing methods. We tried apps that were free with ads, free with in-app purchases, and paid; however our revenue goal could not be met.

Tekunodo Inc., a subsidiary of ours had released various free game apps, and made their earnings through the (free app) ad revenue model.

However after some discussions about ad revenues, it was clear that there were challenges.

Tekunodo had previously embedded a mediation tool (SSP) called “AdWhirl” to maximize its ad revenue. Unfortunately during the busy Christmas season, AdWhirl’s service crashed and affected sales.

This made us wonder if there were a more stable domestic service within Japan.
And this is how adfurikun came to be.

Alfa Version

Since AdWhirl is open source, developers can customize its source code. The service is meant to work on the foundation of amazon; hence in terms of cost, if an amazon-dependent system were created and became popular we thought it wouldn’t do us any good. Therefore, from amazon’s simpleDB the database was replaced with mongodb.
The alpha version was released in September of 2011.

▼Key features of the Alfa Version:
・multiple domestic ad networks available
・provide aggregated earnings report to reduce human work
・domestic server to resolve network delay

The system appeared to move in the right direction, but problems arose as we began to use it.
SDK provided by the ad network had frequent updates
SDK provided by the ad network included bugs that crashed the app, which affected impression numbers.

Releasing adfurikun SSP at this stage would not gain us any support from developers that have developed tens and hundreds of apps.

Beta Version

In January of 2011, we looked for ways to embed a single SDK instead of embedding SDKs from multiple ad networks and having to do maintenance on numerous SDKs (updates).

In order to display ads on a PC, a JavaScript ad code provided by the ad network need be pasted on the website. This led us to look for ways in which adfurikun could switch ads using JavaScript ad code in webview.

Initially, we tried switching ads with just the JavaScript code and no SDK, but to incorporate features like “pre-fetching” and “inventory checks” to respond to network delays, it required us to implement the adfurikun SDK.

The Beta version was released in December of 2012 and specific companies have been asked to participate since.

Officially Released

Following tests, server enhancements, and implementing the tool to manage medias, adfurikun was officially released in February of 2013.

Although officially released, it is only available to specific medias that have been approached. However anyone interested in the service can contact us at

Since released in February, various medias have taken part, given us feedbacks and requests to enhance adfurikun’s functionality.

▼Functions added since officially released (includes being developed)
・multiple app ID for single application.
・inventory check function
・tie-up with AdMob Mediation
・operation tests on various development platforms (unity, AIR, cocos2d)
・administrative screen available for smartphone (being developed)

We plan to update adfurikun features and news on advertising industries.

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