SSP tool “adfurikun” partners with AdMob Mediation!

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by [2013年5月27日]

The original article was translated to English.

adfurikun (SSP) is now available with AdMob mediation.
* adfurikun SDK version 1.7 is required.

In a single app, both SDKs from AdMob and adfurikun must be implemented. By switching AdMob and adfurikun respectively, the chances of maximizing advertising revenue may increase.

The usage of AdMob is beneficial since AdMob carries a large amount of foreign advertisement supplies outside of Japan; also “iAD” being available is another big advantage (*the application type must be iPhone to enable iAD).

The following sections will explain how adfurikun can be registered to AdMob mediation.

Register the Application

Login to your AdMob account and select the “Sites & Apps” tab to view the registered applications.

Click on the “Add Site/App” tab to register a new application.

Select “Android App” and enter the app information below from the “Add Site/App” page.

Once the registration is completed, you will be prompted to download the SDK. Click on the “Download AdMob Android SDK.”

▼AdMob Installation Manual:

Click on “Go to Sites/Apps.”

Check that the application just registered is listed, and click on “Configure.”

Adding the Network Mediation Placement

In the “Add Network Mediation Placement” page, select the advertising size “Banner – Typically 320×50” and if necessary adjust the “Automatic Refresh.” Then press “save & Continue.”

Adding the Ad Network

In the “Add Ad Network” page, check off “AdMob Network.”
*If an iPhone app is being used, check off the iAD. The sample image below is an example for android therefore iAD does not appear.

Below the list of ad networks, the Publisher ID can be selected under “Additional Ad Network Configuration Settings” (Japanese characters may be garbled).

*Caution: The publisher ID is censored here, but be sure to check the Publisher ID closely. If the ID is incorrect, another application’s aggregated data will appear.

Check the Publisher ID

Be sure to check the Publisher ID from “Sites & Apps”⇒ “Manage Settings.”

Ad Network Mediation

Go to “Sites & Apps”⇒”Ad Network Mediation.”
Select “Manage Settings” of the corresponding application.

Custom Event

A popup will appear when “Add Custom Event” is selected.

▼For android

Class Name:jp.tjkapp.adfurikunsdk.AdfurikunAdMob
Parameter:Application ID issued by Adfurikun

▼For iOS

Class Name:AdfurikunAdMobView
Parameter:Application ID issued by Adfurikun

Fill in the field and save.
In the ad network listing, AdfurikunAdMob will appear. Enable it by switching the ON/OFF button.

Switch the allocation from “$“⇒”%” and make sure that the percentages add up to 100.

Be sure to press “Save” to reflect the changes.

Also the changes won’t be reflected if the percentages don’t add up to 100.

Test Mode

Go to “Sites & Apps”⇒ “Manage Settings.” The default settings for Test mode is “Use test mode setting set in client code.”

Be sure to set it to “Disable test mode for all requests.”

And that completes the process within the AdMob admin screen.

Mediation ID

Afterwards, set the Mediation ID provided by AdMob and set the adfurikun SDK to view ads from the actual device.

Setting the iAD

To use iADs from the mediation function, go to iTunes Connect and set “Enable iAd Network” at release. If this is not enabled, only test ads will appear.

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